Why refluxSUPPORT?

How to use this site

This site is easy to use and will help you navigate your way on your reflux journey.

Whatever your situation refluxSUPPORT has expert advice and support from those that can help you. Our reflux team set up their first reflux website back in 2007. Since then have been leading the way in providing expert help and advice. Every year we help around 42,000 parents and carers of babies and children with reflux.

What we offer…

  • The largest library of ‘current’ reflux related articles on the internet
  • Guides and advice on reflux issues
  • Chance to ask our Reflux Ambassadors questions
  • Access to tips from other parents
  • Breaking news on all things reflux from the medical profession
  • Specialist reflux products
  • Online Get togethers – ‘Coffee Mornings’ and ‘Wine Time’
  • Online Events where you can ask questions to experts
  • Advice on local ‘get togethers’ and local support groups. We can also recommended health professionals based on parent’s experiences.
  • Regular Newsletters

You are not alone

Having a child with reflux or associated ailments can be a lonely experience. Sometimes friends and family don’t understand. It can feel like there is no where to turn for answers. refluxSUPPORT is a friendly place that can provide the extra support needed.

Why don’t you have a forum?

There are many many forums available to you including Facebook groups that will be of great help.

We aren’t here to compete with them. They do a great job…

Instead refluxSUPPORT provides expert advice and qualified support for you. Our Site Experts and Reflux Ambassadors all have great experience and will be able to guide you. Uncluttered focused advice without the conflict of opinions that can at times be confusing.

If you haven’t joined a forum yet then we suggest you take a visit to Living with Reflux’s Facebook page. They are the only UK charity for infants and children with reflux.