Toby’s Story


I found your website when looking for a wedge for my sons cot. I too am a mum for the third time and my baby has reflux. My other two children didn’t, though they were very sicky babies. My son is on a special milk that thickens his feeds, called Enfamil. We have only had it a week, but it seems to be helping, but I wanted to say how informative your website is, my son (who is 8 weeks) has had a runny nose and cough since a couple of weeks old, the GP said it was just a baby thing and having older children could pass things on, but I now know it is due to his reflux.

I haven’t been given any info from my health visitor or GP, so your tips and advice have been good to know and I will try them out. I think sometimes, ‘what I am I doing differently this time around’, as my other two all fed and slept well. Toby’s sleeping is not good and he sleeps in a chair at the moment during the day and in a moses basket at night, but he is getting too big for that.  He has not been settling at night, getting very upset after his night feed, so I am looking to put him in his big cot with a wedge.


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As well as being one of the founding members of refluxSUPPORT...Jonathan is a Board Member and trustee of Living with Reflux – the only UK Charity for infants with reflux related conditions.He is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – Gastro-oesophageal reflux in children and young people.He has three daughters of which the eldest is now seventeen. Two suffered from severe reflux.