Music and noise helps your baby to be calm


It is a well-established view that music is beneficial for our mental and emotional development, even in the womb. Music is also a great way to help distract a fractious baby and help them to drift off to sleep.

White noise is also very similar to womb sounds such as your heart beating, blood flowing, mummy breathing, the muffling sound of mummy’s voice and the voices of others close by, etc. … The constant repetitive sounds of white noise can also help you or your baby stay asleep.

There are various ways to implement white noise in short bursts. You could actually use the hoover outside your baby’s room, but if that sounds like too much hard work, then you could opt for a low volume radio, set to a conversation channel or an easy listening channel where the tempo and mood stays level. You could use an App on your device. There are many available from Hushing, Shushing and white noises like Tv, Hoover, Washer etc. You could opt for a CD, if you have a player nearby. There are still some great CD products available, which would easily transfer to the car too.



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