Has your child grown up disliking milk?


Following her first years of sickness and associated anxiety of feeding our daughter grew an aversion to milk. She would flinch at the mere mention of having a milk drink – even with sweet milkshake powder mixed in, it was refused.

We came up with a few ideas to get milk into her diet without too much distress. Some ideas to try if your child won’t drink milk.


  • Porridge or hot oat cereal made with whole milk.
  • Breakfast cereals which absorb milk well like Weetabix.
  • Vermicelli cookied in whole milk
  • Rice pudding, custards
  • Dairy ice cream made with┬á milk.


  • Macaroni cheese, cheese on toast, cheese sauces with vegetables
  • Vegetable soups with grated cheese
  • Chunks of cheese and fruit together makes a lovely snack
  • Cottage cheese dips

Yoghurt and Fromage Frais

  • Add fruit (fresh, tinned, raw, stewed or baked) to Fromage Frais
  • Add plain yoghurt to dishes or sauces.

Whole milk and full fat dairy products are really important for young children. They are a good source of vitamin A which helps the body to resist infection and is needed for healthy skin and eyes. Calcium found in milk products is essential for strong teeth and bones. It’s a meal in itself!


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