Guide to healthy breastfeeding diet for reflux babies

We recently hooked up with Jacqui Nancey a trouble shooting midwife who specialises in Breastfeeding, Baby’s colic & Sleepless nights. With years of experience and colleagues input, Jacqui has put together a fantastic wholesome guide for breastfeeding mothers to use.
With her permission, we have included it here:

What foods to take or avoid in the first 6 – 12 weeks after birth.

Fresh fruits
Bananas / plantain (Potassium, Magnesium (Mag)
Apples Skin more than flesh (Potassium, Vit C)
Pears (Potassium, Vit C)
Peaches (Potassium, Vit C)
Plums (potassium, b-carotene)
Pineapple (Vit C, Mag)
Drink water for a most effective thirst quencher for hydration
Dried fruits
Mangoes (Potassium, iron)
Sultanas, currants (Mag, Pots, niacin B3, Vit C, E)
Apricots (Potassium, iron, copper)
Paw paws (b-carotene, Mag, Pots, iron)
Dates, baby figs (carotenoids, Vit C, Pots)
AVOID: Cranberry juice, Lemonade, Citrus fruits/Berries, Strawberries, Grape juice, Lime juice, Fizzy drinks, Alcohol, Curries (If not part of a cultural diet)
Quinoa (Iron)
Organic millet (Iron, magnesium)
Rolled grain oats (Magnesium)
Oatibix /wheatabix (Iron / copper / magnesium)
No added sugar muesli (Mag, cop, Niacin, Vit E)
AVOID: Sugary cereals, tarts, processed cereals and Processed fine oats.
Fruit Smoothies
Apple juice – With Apricot/Avocado/banana/carrot/melon/passion fruit
Pineapple – Mango/peach/coconut/vanilla/pear/kiwi/ginger/yoghurt
Litchi – All of the above
Vegetable Smoothies/Soups
Spinach – With Celery or cucumber / leek / tomatoes / green beans
Broccoli / Cauliflower  – Washed down with Fennel tea or Peppermint tea
Egg plant/Aubergene – With Oily fish/salad/beetroot/lettuce/mushrooms/okra/pea
Peppers – ALL OF THE ABOVE/Root vegetables/chicken/lamb/beef/egg
Delicious nuts
Pine nuts / pistachios / brazil nuts /sun flower & pumpkin seeds
Dry roasted nuts / mixed fruit & nut snack
Root Vegetables and beans
Butter nut squash / turnips / suede
Carrots, courgettes / sweet corn / tofu / butter beans
Yellow split peas / red kidney beans / baked beans / black eyed beans /haricot beans
Potatoes / pumpkin / parsnip / sweet potatoes / yellow plantains
(NB: Wash down bean soups with fennel or peppermint tea afterwards to prevent your baby’s tummy discomfort from the resultant gas)
Meat, Fish & Poultry
Lean Beef / mince / steak / grilled burger / 100% beef meat balls
Lean Lamb / mince / grilled kebabs /
Oily fish like Mackerel, sardines
Other fish like Tilapia (St. Peters ) cod
Herbal teas
Fennel tea  (3 or so mugs/ day)
Peppermint Tea  (3 or so mugs/ day)
Fenugreek  (2 – 3 mugs/day only)
Green tea (Limit intake 1-2)
Decaff teas /coffee (limited intake)
Malt drinks / Milk
DRINKS TO AVOID – Fizzy water / drinks, Instant coffee / tea, Squash drinks
Practical Baby care tips:

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