Darcy & Alfie’s Story


Darcy’s story

Dear Rachel, thanks for this site. Soooo helpful. I’m at my wits end.
Have a 5 week old and was told today she suffers from Infant Reflux. She is on Nutramigen milk, and infant Gaviscon. It helps but now I read on your site how much pain a baby is in I feel more sympathetic towards her tears and screams, poor little mite, little did I know she really was in pain, all that acid. Your site makes total sense. Thank you thank you thank you… now need to search for more mums with this problem as it’s a very lonely world with a Reflux baby.

Alfie’s Story

Thanks so much for this website. My baby suffers badly with reflux and I thought I was on my own with the persistence of it. My baby is just coming up 6 months and I can completely relate to the problems you were having. Unfortunately, Infant Gaviscon has not worked for us, Alfie is now being referred to a pediatrician so fingers crossed we can get some help. We have tried so many things and I found that a product called Instant Carobel by Cow and Gate helped a bit. Its a thickener that you can either add to baby’s milk or mix it with a very small amount of formula to create a paste that you spoon feed before a feed.
My Health Visitor advised me to start solids early (4 months, he is now nearly 6 months) as the heavier food will stay put. Well, it didn’t! Alfie is constantly being sick…Our house is basically a landfill of soggy, smelly bibs and muslins (and anything else that comes to hand). I constantly have an air of sour milk about me. Its so frustrating at the moment and I feel so sorry for him. He is gaining weight well and it is because of this that no health professionals seem to be taking it seriously. I’m so thankful that my GP has finally referred Alfie to a specialist.
Luckily for me he seems to be a ’happy chucker’ and I have no problems apart from the constant washing loads and mopping of floors. I glad I’m not on my own with this and very much hope that there will one day be a ‘cure’. Again, thankyou sooooo much.

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As well as being one of the founding members of refluxSUPPORT...Jonathan is a Board Member and trustee of Living with Reflux – the only UK Charity for infants with reflux related conditions.He is also a stakeholder in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – Gastro-oesophageal reflux in children and young people.He has three daughters of which the eldest is now seventeen. Two suffered from severe reflux.