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JemmaCI’m a first time mummy and me and my husband absolutely love and dote on our little one! We enjoy spending time as a family and also spending time with the LO’s grandparents, out and about and eating lunch 🙂

It was at about 5 days old, when the midwife had come out to visit us at home, when she mentioned that Mia may potentially have reflux! That was shortly after poor little Miss had been sick all over me, her and the sofa! Oops!

We got through week two of adjusting to having a new baby and without improvement we went along to the doctors who prescribed Infant Gaviscon. It reduced the reflux, but we still had to live with it until our lo was around 8/9 months!!!!

It had quite an impact on us – I’ve never had to do so much washing and cleaning!!!!! We went through a lot of baby grows and pyjamas due to them getting ruined from the constant sickness. It also meant when we were going out or to friends, I always needed spare clothes for us both, mountains of wipes too, as she would regularly vomit all over us in shops/ restaurants and at friends houses: I found myself constantly apologising and wiping sick out of carpets and off sofas!

It’s pretty much sorted itself out, she’s now 15 months. We do still get a bit every now and then! Although it’s generally if she’s been charging around!



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From a background of working for charities who support young people Natasha loves helping people in tough situations.Makes a mean beans on toast and currently building yet more houses in The Sims!