Formula: Neocate

Neocate is a group of powdered products which consist of Neocate Active, Neocate Advance and Neocate LCP. Neocate is designed for babies and young…

Allergy & Intolerance

Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (CVS) has been recognised for over 100 years, but we still know relatively little about the…

Reflux Diagnosis

Reflux Laryngitis

Damage to the voice box Reflux can cause changes to the voice. You may notice a baby’s voice & cry becoming hoarse.  Chronic…


Waking for night feedings.

Many paediatricians recommend that parents shouldn’t let a newborn sleep longer than three or four hours without feeding, and the vast majority of…